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BSV Bauteilservice Vrancken
Shortly we will offer our component inspection service also to your company.

BSV Bauteilservice Vrancken Component Inspection Service – simple, effective and reasonable

Our component inspection service will also help your company to prevent from counterfeit/substandard components:

• when receiving a new batch of components
• when inspecting suspicous components

Our 3 phases of inspection:

• Visual inspection
• Optical and visual testing for originality and overall condition
• Electrical counterfeit detection for a large variety of integrated circuits

BSV Bauteilservice Vrancken
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Our component search gives you direct access to our network of worldwide availabilities of electronic components with over 40 million line items from over 3000 suppliers.

We do not sell do individuals.

* Please note that we have a 300 € min order per line item